In this exhibition we have created sculptures that investigate the value of the fleeting and ethereal; something that resists being locked away. These five scenes, which come from moments we experienced, represent landscapes that inspire a sense of awe; landscapes that cannot be contained or wholly comprehended because of their intricacy, their vast scale or the deep time that produced them. However, in each case our gaze (among a countless multitude) was directed by the placement of roads and scenic vistas that create a specific kind of accessibility (or inaccessibility) to these locations. From our perspective this ‘mediated’ relationship to nature raises very intriguing questions. 

Fig. 1 - Fig. 5 each represent a site reinterpreted through the material of porcelain. Furthermore, as with any experience one wishes to remember this exhibition offers souvenirs to the viewer, an invitation to remember the joy of a site seen or unseen.