Article: Test Sieve Brush - Ceramics Monthly, Tips and Tools

Publication - Ceramics Monthly
Article by - Rebekah Myers & Tim Berg
June/July/August 2019

Check out our article “Test Sieve Brush” in the Tips and Tools Section of the latest edition of Ceramics Monthly. Reduce, Reuse & Recycle while making useful new tools for your studio.

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Originally published in June/July/August 2019 issue of Ceramics Monthly, pages (68-69). . Copyright, The American Ceramic Society. Reprinted with permission.


Review: Humor and human clay meld in 'The Incongruous Body' at AMOCA

Publication - Los Angles Times
Article by - Leah Ollman
August 25, 2018

“If there was any question about the connection between the material of the self — human clay — and the stuff of sculpture, Robert Arneson’s 1988 work on paper, "Head Wedged," makes the relationship clear. The ferociously funny Funkmeister renders himself in terracotta hues, scrunching his chin with one hand and reaching his opposite arm overhead to press against his temple. He's doing to himself what ceramic artists do to raw clay, knead it — wedge it — to get the air bubbles out and make the substance more pliable.”

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An Interview With Artists Tim Berg And Rebekah Myers

This Way Lies Madness.jpg

Publication - Riot Material ART. WORD. THOUGHT.
Article by - Christopher Michno
January 25, 2018

"Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers work collaboratively to produce objects that are sensually appealing and refer to advertising, design, and glossy consumer products. Their work is intentionally ambiguous, mining objects for their capacity to mean different things to different people; and in this way, it operates both within a specific narrative, and as work about the nature of how we construct meaning. This Way Lies Madness (2018), their latest, a neon sign made for “Manifesto: A Moderate Proposal,” the exhibition at the Pitzer College Lenzner Family Gallery through March 29, adopts a line from King Lear. The sign reads “This Way Lies Madness Lies” and is shaped in a continuous circle. In a conversation in their Claremont studio, Myers and Berg discussed Madness, manifestos, and making objects that create space for dialog."...

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What's a big green rabbit doing at Richardson’s CityLine?

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Publication - Dallas News - Dallas Morning
Article by - Steven Brown
Real Estate | December 1, 2016

"During the planning stages of CityLine, KDC's vision for a live-work-play environment included the installation of sculptures that would provide a vibrant backdrop for this new urban landscape," Walt Mountford, KDC executive vice president, said in a statement. "We are proud to welcome five unique pieces, by both local and national artists, each of which is unique in character and provides visitors with inspiration, entertainment and joy."...

Artists Timothy Berg and Rebekah Myers created the bright green, ceramic rabbit, which will be near the DART rail station at CityLine.


Five New Public Art Works For a Richardson Mixed-Use Development

Publication - Glasstire {Texas Visual Art}
News | December 1, 2016

"CityLine is a big new mixed-use development in Richardson; it’s 186 acres of retail + apartments/condos on a campus at Plano Road and the Bush Turnpike. The developers, KDC, have commissioned and/or purchased five new public sculptures by both regional and national artists for the CityLine campus, and as of this week they’re newly installed. The works are by Gordon Huether, Cliff Garten, Joseph Havel, Angela Mia De La Vega, and collaboration between Timothy Berg and Rebekah Myers."


See What's New at This Year's Art Southampton

Publication - Hamptons
Article by - Stephanie Murg
Culture | July 7, 2016

"A giant ice cream bar juxtaposed against a wooden stick licked clean of its frozen goodness will whet the appetites of collectors at this year’s Art Southampton. The glossy white sculpture, Now You See It..., by the duo of Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers and exhibited by Miami Beach’s Dean Project, nods to the age of Snapchat and the ephemerality of an art fair."



Contrasting sculpture exhibitions open July 1 at Faulconer Gallery in Grinnell

Publication - Grinnell College News
Thursday, Jun. 23, 2016

"On the Bright Side ...," the first exhibition in Iowa of works by California artists Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers, explores the way consumerism and branding tug on individuals' heartstrings. Their sculptures, smooth-surfaced and candy-colored, may provoke gallery visitors' senses of conservation and kleptomania in equal measure.



Publication - Ceramics Monthly
Page 14, No. 4,  Issue April, 2016

Archie Bray Foundation 2015 Resident and Visiting Artists Exhibition, at Belger Crane Yard Studios in Kansas Missouri.

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